Is there a BOSS command for use with open curves?

I want to extrude a surface from an open curve to meet an irregular existing surface. Can I do this in Rhino?


It is always helpful if you put the file your working on when asking a question. From what your asking this should be no problem.

All my best … Danny

If I understand you correctly, you can select the curve and from the menu Surface/Extrude/ Straight or Tapered .etc

This will make a surface.

You can check the surface normals with dir to make sure the outside is on the outside, before joining or doing other things with it.

I think what you are looking for is ExtrudeCrv with the ToBoundary option. The Boss command is for creating polysurfaces from closed curves and surface input.

Or if you want a tapered surface ues ExtrudeCrvTapered with the ToBoundary option.

Or you can over-extrude the surface and trim it back to your irregular one.