Is SubD the best direction for this organic shape?

I’m trying to visualize several organic 2D drawings (example below) in 3D for a public artist.

I have limited experience with SubD, before I go down what appears to be an expansive rabbit hole. Is this the best route? Looking for a very fluid, smooth form in the end.

I think SubD is the best direction when what you are trying to model is also ‘a direction’. Meaning; you setup your model, and you/your client/your team look at it, and you then make changes to that model/form until you are more pleased with it.

Nurbs modeling On the other hand is explicit: you input your curves, you create surfaceS from those curves and you are hoping that the 3D result you’ll have will be what you expected/like (assuming you have the skill to get there with Nurbs modeling). Not happy with result? you have to remodel. Over, and over and over. And based on complexity of form, the modeling process will not be easy, nor fast.

SubD is a lot more for forgiving in all those aspect IMO.

Try it out, post in-progress results, questions, etc.


Yes. Look up one of the y-branch tutorials for SubD on this forum and then modify it for your needs. It should be pretty easy.