Is it possible to set a diameter of a wire in Kangaroo? And the diameter can be considered in the collision?

Hi everyone,

I need to simulate a rod contact with a wall. I wonder if Kangaroo can set the diameter of the rob, and the contact can include the thickness of the rod?

Thank you!


Have a look at the file.
Basically what’s happening there is I’m interpreting the curve as a collection of points and preventing them from passing through a solid.

Rod - (10.1 KB)

I assumed that your rod is a linear rigid object so I used the rigid point collection, you can combine this to any other goals like length, angle, rod etc.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you, Mesrop, for your kind reply!
There are such few guys doing Kangaroo compared to GH…
I need some time to study your code and give back my ideas.

You’re welcome. The diameter part is not actually done here, but I’m thinking you can imitate that by having 2 solids, one that will act as the boundary for collision and the other one let’s say moved back by the radius will be the one for representation.