Is it possible to make an acanthus leaf in Rhino?

I’ve gotten pretty good in designing flat structures, or structures which need to use the revolve command, however, for the life of me I can not figure out how to make an acanthus leaf like this one.

I’ve been told to use 3ds Max, or Mudbox, or a whole lot of other ones, but I would really love to stick to a software I have already put some time and effort into learning.

Does anyone know how this can be made in Rhino for Mac? I’d really appreciate a few pointers:)
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Starting from an already-made flat structure, some options might be to use the Orient on Surface or Flow Along Surface commands but I don’t think either will ultimately give you the amount of control you’re trying to exact on organic structures.

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Since my own interest in Rhino is focused on an ornamental work for a couple of years, I can surely say that really good Rhinoceros baroque models are worth the mad skills that it takes to draw them, hovever slow such work would appear. I even would say that accurate NURBS baroque is one of the best and most beautiful jobs of a most complex shape designs that Rhino can handle.

Just to show you what’s possible. Made by my colleague in pure Rhino 4.0 with no plugins whatsoever :^)


Here is a simple acanthus I modeled recently. It took me about 6 hours total. Mostly Sweep2 and NetworkSrf with history enabled. You can take a look at the layout of patches, and the construction curves. At the end I cage-edited it a little for my own purposes.

More complex objects require more detailing - trimming, piping, filleting.

You can use it if you like it. Any criticism is welcomed.

acanthus.3dm (3.6 MB)

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very nice. wish you made a tutorial or how to video when you did this. would have been great to watch.

I think my mind just caved in on itself… how can you wrap your head around this? Thinking how the curves and sweeps will work together on something like this literally hurts my brain:)
Sooo good!