Is it possible to make a single curve from many-points within specific tolerance?

I hope if I could rebuild polyline that is made up of very short lines into a single nurbs curve within a specific-tolerance-value.

Or, I hope to make a single nurbs curve as much as smooth (without vibrations) from some given many points within a specific-tolerance-value.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about that?

I can read python and C# code.

Hi Katsu,

Are you able to achieve the shape and structure you are looking for using Rhino’s Rebuild command? If so, then you can do what this command does in RhinoCommon using the Rhino.Geometry.Curve.Rebuild function.

Does this help?

~ Dale

Hi dale,
I hope to rebuild curve within a specific tolerance value.

How can I give tolerance when using Rhino.Geometry.Curve.Rebuild (or Rebuild command) ?

In NetworkSrf command, We give specify tolerance (edge, and inner curve), Rhino does create smooth nurbs surface . Hopefully, I could do in nurbs curve as same as that.


No, sorry, no tolerance. But the command doesn’t offer this (either).

Hi Dale,

Is there is means of accessing RebuildCurveNonUniform? curve non uniform

That does have a tolerance setting.


Sorry, no. I’ve add this to the pile (though).