Irregular spiral staircase grasshopper

I need a hand to model a spiral staircase on grasshopper. The main difficulty is in the irregular curve of the staircase. In fact, the staircase has a smaller circumference on the lower floor and this tends to widen on the upper floors. On the top floor the staircase reaches its maximum circumferential diameter; the latter also has a center of gravity shifted compared to the lower circumferences.
Initially I thought of drawing the curve on rhino and setting it on grasshopper but I wanted to know if there was an algorithm that would allow me to model it directly on grasshopper. I have attached a technical drawing and photo of the staircase below.
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Do you have any prior experience with Rhino and/or grasshopper?
Can you attach here your results so far?
(your second picture didn’t attach properly…)

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If you google “grasshopper stairs” you’ll find many other examples from where to start.

I don’t know if this is your case, but generally it’s not the best approach to have everything parametrized in grasshopper.
For example, in this case the path-curve of the stair would likely be best if made manyally in rhino, a degree 5 curve, where you can manually adjust its path with the curvature graph on.
Then slicing and making steps is the funny part in grasshopper.

These are the project files, but the result is not correct because it is not similar to reality (12.6 KB)
SCALA2_con curva.3dm (823.3 KB)

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Your script seems simple but decent for a start.
How it is “not similar to reality” ?