iRhino load / open from URL and / or QR code (server problem)

I’m missing an option to open a file from a URL. Can this please be added?

Another thing I’m not sure about are display modes. I switched off isocurves in my Rhino file and in iRhino I need to do that separately? Is that how it should be?

Hi Martin -

I suppose that might depend on how you “switched them off”. Display modes don’t travel with the 3dm file.

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Thanks @wim. Got it and that’s ok.

@mkarimi I’ve just installed iRhino through testflight. How about loading files from a URL or QR code?

If you have a URL that downloads a 3DM file it should just work. I just made a QR code pointing to this URL which contains a 3dm file.

Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 8.18.57 AM

On my iPhone scanning the QR code above in the camera App, opens chrome, downloads the file, and gives me option to open in iRhino3D.

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Here’s how it goes:


This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing @martinsiegrist

I have to try this again but my edge browser opens the file instead of downloading

Are you referring to something different than the iRhino app for iPhone and iPad?

No, I just have not figured out how to download a Rhino file from a URL and not have the browser (Edge) display the file as a code. Safari seems to have an option to load the linked file which I don’t know how to do in Edge.

Here’s what I’m looking at when I enter my URL with the 3dm file on my server:

Could be a problem with your link, I just downloaded Edge on my phone (and immediately uninstalled it :slight_smile: ) . It gives me an option to download the link above and open in iRhino

I’m using edge on an iPhone.

Safari also does not show the option to save a download.

Interesting it works with your link above.

I added the first three lines to my .htaccess file and it seems to work now.

<FilesMatch "\.(3dm|txt|pdf)$">
Header set Content-Disposition attachment

options +indexes

IndexOptions NameWidth=*
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