Intersect two sets of curves in grasshopper

Hi! I wonder if someone could help me with that:

I want to intersect two sets of curves in grasshopper (black and blue on the picture). So, I only want the points where the blue and the black intersect (the red points) and not where the sets intersect within themselves (the green points).

MultipleCurves Component only gives me all the intersection points.
CurveCurve with selecting Multiple Curves (so the black/blue set) for each Curve component only gives me one point (I assume this is the one they first meet). (19.3 KB)

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Thank you! Unfortunately this is what I tried already and it doesn’t give me exactly the results I want.

Here’s a screenshot of my file. I want to have all the points where the purple and blue curves intersect.
Using the CurveCurve intersect component it only gives me some of the intersection points, as you can see - and Mutliple Curves gives me all of the intersecting points - also purple/purple and blue/blue

Hello, not very simple to help with a single screen shot. In Grasshopper many problems are due to the way data is provided (List or DataTree). So Graft could be useful for your problem.


My first thought would be: Play with the set difference, set intersection, set union, etc components, and also do some trial and error with turning graft on and off one various inputs.

I think graft was the solution. thanks!

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