Internalize the input data in a cluster

(Valerio Romito) #1

I would like to internalize the input data in my first cluster and also get a brief explanation of the parameter when the cursor touches the input, I do not know if I have explained well what I would like to do

(Valerio Romito) #2

I show a video screen … to explain myself better


Not really. Except for setting cluster input defaults, it’s generally better to be more explicit about internalized data by using an appropriate Param component connected to each input.

Perhaps you are referring to how a Cluster Input is defined? When you create the cluster, it works best if you define each Cluster Input separately by double-clicking it to edit the ‘Name’, ‘Nickname’ and optional ‘Description’.


You have to do this before the cluster is created, since editing these values later has no external effect (a serious flaw in GH!). The work-around for an existing cluster is to create a new Cluster Input with the values you want, save/close the cluster, move the wires from the old input to the new one, then edit the cluster again to delete the old input.

Finally, you can right-click a cluster and choose “Properties” from the drop-down to edit the ‘Name’, ‘Nickname’ and ‘Description’ for the whole cluster.

Sorry, I still don’t know what question you are asking?

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I’ll try the procedure later … now I’m in the city library.