Integration of XUnit framework with GH plugin setup for unit tests

I am trying to integrate Xunit framework with Grasshopper plug in in order to write unit test cases . But my test cases are getting failed giving exception
System.DllNotFoundException : Unable to load DLL ‘rhcommon_c’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

I have installed rhinoInside in the main project and added that project as a reference to my test project . All the packages from main project are successfully visible in my test project, still getting same exception .
rhcommon_c dll is a part of Rhino exe , but test project should not be dependent on the Rhino as , unit test project should be independent.
Most of the test cases runs but few test cases are getting failed everytime. Fer test cases are running some time , and getting failed some time giving same exception . I have attached a screenshot with this .

Hey @Vandana_Mishra ,

Are you able to post the code and libraries you are using? There is also the Rhino Testing project that may simplify things for you GitHub - mcneel/Rhino.Testing: NUnit dotnet unit testing for Rhino3D

– cs

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