Instance Length , Volume Details


Am successfully reading Length (Curves) , Volume & Surface Area (Surface/Poly surface) from .3dm files using rhino vb script. But In-case of files having Scaled Instance am getting the volume/Length of the original object.What should i do to get the Volume/Length value for the Transformed Object?

I tried Transformobjects() function but its returning the same ID which am passing.Can anyone help?

Aashiq M.

Since it’s difficult if not impossible to decode the scale part of a block transformation, I would imagine that you could make a copy of the block instance and explode that, then get your data from the exploded object(s) and then delete the objects. There is probably a way to do this in RhinoCommon without having to add the objects to the document and then delete them, but it would be a bit more complicated…


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Thank You Mitch. I will try with exploding objects.

-Aashiq M.