InstaCrash HELP! urgent[Solved]

Just Installed (6.0.17351.2171, 2017/12/17)
And can’t launch Rhino. Crashes at start.
Rhino asks for plugin update, click on don’t askme now or Close crashes.

I’d like to remove any plugin that I might have installed if there’s anything that’s left to see if that does anything…(probably in V5, but I’m not using them right now…
Checked in V5 I seem to uninstalled them… help needed.

Any way to rollback?
Can’t do anything.

Uplaoding crash dump file, now updating GPU driver if that changes things…
[edit]updating driver didn’t help

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (22.5 KB)

We know about this bug and it should only be occurring in an internal daily build. I would recommend turning off daily-updates. Not sure how people found out about this feature, but it really isn’t recommended for general testing of the beta.

Here are some instructions for finding an older build to rollback to

Got it thanks.
I had daily turned on from when it was WIP to check out latest fixes.
Setting to solved and setting daily update off.