Input Area from Excel -> create exact Surface Area/Volume for each Floor

Hi guys - it’s probably simple for you guys but I don’t get it.
It’s for a building-study for a architectural competition.

I have different areas for six floors on different heights.
The shapes must be overlayered, for structural and architectural reasons.
And I have to use the facade afterwards for a solar study with ladybug.

floor areas:


I’m able to create random areas but not the exact area!

And for very cool guys;
I have to implement a number of rooms with different areas on specific floors with room designation in this parameter/floor (maybe Marmot?).
Roomdesignation means; room “x” must be next to room “y”, as well like room “z” must be as far away as possible from room “x” and “y”.

Thanks a lot in advance.

7. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

That being said, the square root of each floor’s area gives the X and Y dimensions of square floors.
If X is fixed for all floors, then Y = Area / X.

Hi Joseph
True - I had a moment of despair to be honest.
I tried multiple youtube videos… but at the end it seems to be an easy mathematical solution (with squares).

Thanks for the input and as well for the hint. You’re totally right!
I will delete the post. Lesson learned.

thanks - gsommer

Don’t delete it, add to it!