Information about the Rhino User


is there any way to retrieve some ID of the Rhino User? I want my Plug-in to be able to distinguish between different users. I could create a User class and give it an ID, etc…but I was thinking if there is some info on the actual User (from the Rhino database, connected to the Rhino License) I could use, like some unique ID or something, that would make more sense.

Just to clarify, in my plug-in, the user information will be saved together with the geometry…so that when someone else wants to edit the data, integrate it, etc…we will be able to track who did what…similar to github.

I guess there are maybe some security reasons why this is not possible, but it doesn`t hurt to ask.


You can get the user’s home directory with Python:


Hi @dimcic,

You might start by using the name of the currently logged in user.

var username = System.Environment.UserName;

– Dale