Incorrect/Error/Incomplete simulation result [win11?]

Recently I’ve noticed that Eddy3d seems to have some kind of issue with simulation, it doesn’t always finish correctly, and there’s no indication whether the simulation ran correctly.

When it doesn’t work correctly, opening the result in paraview will either

  1. throw errors saying the points and values don’t match
  2. give some very weird results, like 0 wind speed or speeds over thousands of m/s

The only solution seems to be delete the whole working directory and run the mesh+tree+simulation again. Sometimes I have to do this multiple times before it produces a usable result (didn’t change anything in the model or grasshopper between retries)
The clean component used to do the same thing, but now when I run the clean component it doesn’t delete the files, but hangs rhino, I think there might be some read/write privilege issues.

not sure what is issue is, maybe it’s because I updated to windows 11? I remember having similar issues on win10, but not as frequently.