Importing .shp shape files with grasshopper

Hello everyone,

I am trying to generate a 3D model of a city using following data set with .shp file:

I tried to import the .shp file using ‘SHP Import’ component and Heron plugin and it seems to import points correctly but when I try to join the feature points in Heron component with polyline it says “insufficient points for a polyline” and with 'Import SHP" it joins the points in a seemingly random way, not forming building outlines.
What am I missing or maybe I should use other data files that came together with the .shp file (you can refer to the dropbox link)

Thank you for help!

Hi and welcome!
You can make it easier for others to help you if you attach your Grasshopper file. People aren’t necessarily interested in installing plug-ins like Heron just to be able to check your file, so make sure to internalize the output of plug-in components. You can do that, for example, this way:

Generally, that indicates that the input into the PolyLine component consists of a single point (or, in your case, a list of single points). Flattening will put all those points into the same list and a polyline will be able to be generated. But that probably just gets you into the issue that you have with the ImportSHP component. I am not familiar with the shape file format and don’t know if there are different ways of writing such data. Perhaps someone else knows more about this…

Thank you for your reply. Yes I tried flattening and as you predicted it got me to the same issue I had with ImportSHP component.

Please find attached the Grasshopper file:
2020.02.18_city from SHP (4.2 MB)

Thanks for that file - as I was afraid, there doesn’t seem to be any organization of those points in that shp file.

FWIW, I opened that budynki_.shp file in QGIS and it looks like that only extracts single point information from that file:


Can you tell me the plug-in that brings the shp file?

Hi -

Grasshopper has a standard parameter to import SHP files.
Apart from that, a quick search on Food4Rhino:

Thank you:>