Import Wall to match project base point and shared coordinates

I have my Project Base point in Revit…


when I pull wall that is at Level 01-01 54.480m

when I see it in revit it is at -0.33m:

How to set up a pull so that my Wall will be at the correct level 54.48m ?

Do I need to tranform my graphical element by this vector?

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Hi Michal, You’ll want to do a plane to plane transformation (shared location to plane, then use WorldXY)

Similar workflow here…

In my case, I am not using links just a model I current document.
I think I am close but my wall should be at 58.04m

Hi Michal,

This is the workflow I use to get the same coordinates in the elements in Revit and in Rhino. Basically, I rotate and move everything, because when you export elements from Revit to Rhino it does it according to the Internal Origin of Revit, not the Survey Point. Also, you should also take into consideration the True North, so that when you measure coordinates in Rhino they match the coordinates in Revit.

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Is this what you were looking for?

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