Import geometry from IFC to Rhino with Grasshopper


I am new to Geometry Gym in Grasshopper and I was wondering if it is possible to get these parameters (layers or materials) with a component in Grasshopper.

From the examples available at Geometry Gym I have managed to get the geometry of some classes. But when I try to use the “ggIFC Decompose Product” I am limited to the default outputs. Is there a way to access other properties with the Grasshopper components?

Also, when trying to get the geometry of some elements like windows I get something like this geometry (just the vertical part of the window frames). How could I retrieve the complete block? Even if it is not a block, it would still be helpful.

When using Geometry Gym in Rhino there is no problem, but I would like to automate some workflows to filter elements, so that I do not have to do everything manually once I have imported the geometry in Rhino.

I am attaching the script I have been using so far in case it is helpful, which is a modification of the samples from the Geometry Gym web, because some of the components were already outdated. (10.2 KB)

I guess @jonm is the best person to ask, but if anyone else can help, I will be also very grateful :sweat_smile:.