Image sampler to search for missing paraglider?


Not at home to look into this but wondered if image sampler could compare before and after satellite images to look for lighter pixels.

I have a feeling it is much more complicated than that but there are some smart people on this forum.

Grasshopper can but it may not be the best tool. I’d rather use cpp+OpenCV/Mathematica to process the images.

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Apparently his wing is blue / white /grey so perhaps it could be spotted by just filtering the satellite image for blue.

as I can see from the latest satelite image it is not very clear (compared to Google’s), it’s very likely the blue color will mix with others in one pixel.

Yeah I was thinking that. If you zoom in it doesn’t look good enough resolution to spot something the size of a paraglider wing.

FWIW, the Ozone Zeno has a wingspan of more than 10 meters. Granted, it won’t be spread out nicely, but still…
If something went wrong in the air, you’ll be looking for his red emergency chute.


I haven’t had chance to look at the images other than on my phone.
Are we talking Gb of image data?