iMac Spec for best Rhino performance

Hi Zsimon - how can you detect the block and mesh instances and how do you remove them? Thanks -

SelBlockInstance SelMesh.
I just hid him in order to see the file’s behavior. Personally, if I were to work on this file I would remove most meshes, replacing them with nurbs. For personal experience, less mesh is used on Rhino Mac and it works better. There are also more than 12,000 duplicates ( SelDup)


one might think a surface modeler would appreciate computers that were designed by surface modelers instead of recommending buying a rectangular box and self-frankensteining it with various parts.

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:occhiali da sole:

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probably a general misconception, surface modelers are sure far more spartanic than this :wink: but to be fair the “expensive” designer who modeled the macbooks had also quite a spartanic approach creating the nasty spiky indentation for opening up the screen. in 8 years nobody realised how those edges left and right can hurt.


Thanks Simon - is there a simple way to replace the meshes with nurbs?

As in this case meshes are essentially planks, you might try using the MeshToNURB
command.(excluding the figures)

We would spend a few hours ‘optimising’ that file.

MeshtoNURB does what it says but we struggle to ever find a practical use for it