I'm a beginner, I'm learning by following the link on YouTube

Screenshot 2024-04-20 211004

Can you show me how to make small white spots appear on the picture I took?
I can’t do it the way at minute 4:20
Can anyone tell me?
thank you

It looks like the author of the video has “Turn on control points when selecting a curve…” enabled (Tools → Options → Rhino Options → Mouse → Selecting).

Alternatively, you could use the _PointsOn command after selecting the curve (_PointsOff when finished).


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thank you so much

Do you know what he does in minute 4:20 of the clip? I followed but couldn’t bend it
i used rhino 5


I think what you are asking about is when he had just made a blend curve with History turned on and then he modifies the shape of the blend curve by rotating one of the curves that was used as input for the blend curve.

You need to turn on History before making the blend curve. To do that click on RecordHistory on the status bar.

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I turned on history

As @jim already said, you need to have Record History enabled before running the _BlendCrv command (about 4:03 in the video).

Looks like the author of the video has Record History enabled from the beginning.


The _BlendCrv command is not history enabled in Rhino 5 for MacOS.

See this other thread:

i found out how to make Rhino 5 (win)
I uploaded it to my youtube channel because the forum doesn’t allow uploading too large of a file