iFrame embedding not allowed for origin - domain names match

I am on a trial designer plan. I am facing this error message in my Wix account when I embed the copied iFrame from ShapeDiver into the HTML code.

I am not sure what the issue is, but to me, it seems that both domains on Wix and Shapediver match,

***I have just purchased the domain name earlier today, could it be that i need to wait for 24-48 hours?
I am also on a designer plan but seems that shape diver has not updated my plan from trial to paid plan. could it be one of these issues?
can you please help?

Thank you

@Diana-R please see this related post: ShapeDiver iFrame wix website - #5 by JakeZ

Background: WIX uses iframes, which means the origin your 3D model gets embedded from is not exactly the domain you can see in your browser address bar. You will need to enter the host name that’s shown in the error message you received (4ec904...htmlcomponentservice.com):

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Thank you, @snabela Alexander, I have tried the following:

1- [MYDOMAIN-wixsite-com.filesusr.com ] and entered it in the whitelist domain in shape diver
2- [htmlcomponentservice.com] from the error message in Wix and entered it in the whitelist domain in shape diver
but I still receive the same error message “Embedding not allowed”

Hi Rasha,

You need to copy the entire URL our viewer gives you:

https://4ec904f9… etc

I checked your account’s settings and you’re embedding the wrong one.

Can you double-check?

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@ezequiel, @snabela thank you, it worked,
I was copying the entire error link with the " https://" into the domain whitelist which was causing the problem

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Perfect! Glad it worked.

Hi @snabela @ezequiel ,

circling back to this, the shape diver model is not loading properly onto the Wix website after publishing it, I have tried to update the domain [images] so it matches the ticket from the Network and I am not receiving any message output from the shape diver on the website, can you please advise on this and how to possibly fix it?

Many thanks for always being awesome and patient!


The iframe should display an error message, but seems it is failing to do so. We will investigate this. The problem seems to be that the domain you configured does not match the actual domain. Please enter exactly what you see for the x-shapediver-origin header. It seems you missed the leading www-.

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@snabela brilliant, it worked, wohoo!
thank you a bunch, you’re a lifesaver!