ShapeDiver iFrame wix website


Been trying to get shapediver to work on our website, which was originally made using wix. Having an issue with nothing showing up. The frame embeds but the model is not being accessed. So getting a blank template. Tried making some dummy sites to see what the problem was, but still getting a blank model.

I do have the website set in my settings, but couldn’t add the sub-page in the URL if that’s the issue. I did re-create the iframe ticket too for any changes to the domain whitelist.

We do own the domain. So don’t have the additional suffix.

Anyone encountered the same issue or know a solution?

I understand this exist and trying to find that specific error, but cannot. @pavol @mathieu1

Link to testing site

Which domain did you list for the testing site you provided above? You should be able to make it work by using the domain. We are soon releasing a new version of the viewer that will give more information about the error but in this case I see a 400 error which is typical for a domain that is not correctly whitelisted.

I think I found the issue with Wix: iframes are embedded in a different domain than the parent website. I created a test website and embedded a ShapeDiver iframe to find out that the following domain was used for the iframe:

You should double-check which domain is used in your case by looking in the console, but it looks like the following pattern should work: if your website has the domain, you should whitelist

In case you redirect the website to your own domain, I suspect this might be different, and it should again be checked in the console. Then again, in a few days the viewer should report precisely the domain that needs to be whitelisted.

Let me know if that helps. If adding the domain does not seem to immediately fix the issue, you might have to wait a few minutes, or directly go edit the model (edit any property and save it) for the change to apply.

Thank you! It was the

Appears to be working on the test site currently. Looking forward to the update to simplify this process in the future