If/then and contains operators won't work in Eval Node when in Quotes

I am taking this from Tedeschi’s book AAD on page 110 and 111,

if/then and Contains operators won’t work in Evaluation Node when in quotes

see screen shot

Those look like typographic angled quotes, rather than straight quotes.

See the difference between “ ” and "

Ah ha!

Thank you David Rutten, I have so many other questions but I will try and figure them out on my own. I started coding last fall with my two boys and it exploded into grasshopper. This program is changing my life!

Arturo Tedeschi’s book is fantastic after learning from online videos for the past three months. I am devouring his text and trying to build a library of algorithmic modeling codes for my own creative artworks and teaching practice.

All the Best,

Michael Wickerson, Associate Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute
Director of Wickerson Studios , www.wickersonstudios.com