I want to transfer a List of Rhino.Geometry.Point 's

I am building a component that outputs a list of Geometry.Points
The input component that gets these accepts a List of Geometry Objects

When I cast them to a GeometryBase a null is returned

igoo.CastTo(out obj)

Basically it seems that the list of Point objects have been converted to Point3d objects

Question : How to transfer Point’s and not Point3d objects ?

Clearly Point Geometry have data attached that I need to read


Grasshopper itself never uses the Rhino.Geometry.Point type, it always reverts to Rhino.Geometry.Point3d, which is then wrapped up in a GH_Point class.

I’ll need to know more about where your points are coming from to answer the question. Are you loading them yourself from a RhinoDoc? Are they referenced through another component? Are they initially stored in a Generic or Geometry parameter? Who is in charge of packaging the data up into the appropriate goo wrapper type?

Hi David

I am generating the Point objects in a Component and passing them as a list in output
The reason is that I need to pass data attached to the points so it was a natural choice using a Point Geometry that is able to keep strings.

Anyway don’t mind I have made a special custom object to pass a list of points and relative data to overcome this issue, it was clear to me reading the docs that in grasshopper points are points.


Yeah creating a custom data type out of {point + strings} will be about as much work as co-opting the existing Point class, so it’s probably better going forward.