Hyperboloid - Fixed Lenght despite of Diameter and Angle

Dear Folks,
What I’m trying to achieve is a Hyperboloid with a defined lengh (150 in my case), no matter what the angle or the diameter of the base circle is.

Can you help me to figure out how to bring those two parameters into relation of each other. Everytime I feed the determined length back to the System the definition fails. (Illustrated at the screenshot)

09_Forum_Help.gh (14.4 KB)

check this !
only I fed the 150 length separate
hope this what u r looking for !

solution 1|690x459

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Thx for your help. But right now the lenght is allready 150.
Maybe my drawing helps to understand the problem (I’t’s hard to describe ;))

HOPE this is u trying to looking for !!

![solution 2|690x300](upload://jogMk0yoTp9h00pW6jES2I09_Forum_Help_2.gh (18.5 KB) FhPBn.png)

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Thanks again for your help!
I’ve had a look at it and there is still an issue.
Those Points and Elements I have marked should meet each other!?

check this one !!

09_Forum_Help_3.gh (22.9 KB)

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First of all @Rajeev thank you verry much for your help but the sollution is still not quite there.

I have tried to simplify the problem as much as I can.
I’m pretty shure the twist item is part of the problem and not the solution :wink:

08.8_Back_to_the_Roots_again.gh (18.2 KB)

it might help you !
08.8_Back_to_the_Roots_again_1.gh (19.9 KB)

Huge thanks again for trying to help.
I finally have a sollution created with the help of a friend of mine.
You can have a look here:

11_SOLUTION.gh (15.2 KB)

And thanks for sharing the cab, and color preview.
I didn’t know this yet

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