Human UI does not work with Clustering

We have developed a Human UI interface in GH. Now when we cluster everything, Human UI interface does not pop up. If you double click clustered component the windows will pop up. Is there any trick to make Human UI work with clustering?

No. Human UI does not support clustering. There is a flaw with the way clusters execute that makes them fundamentally incompatible with human UI - because there is no way to expire / recompute part of a cluster, the entire cluster always recomputes. Human UI assumes that 1. The create window component never recomputes after initial launch and 2. It can trigger new solutions on « value listener » components. These are incompatible with clusters.
Sorry, I don’t think there’s any way to fix this. Sometimes I use metahopper’s « create snippet » functionality to create « saved configurations » of human UI components - everything doesn’t get condensed into a single component but at least you can quickly deploy pre-built configurations.