How to use Rhino Inside in correct way?

According to Rhino Inside samples like “Rhino Compute” and “ConsoleApps”, there are two different ways to use Rhino Inside.

sample Rhino Compute link :
sample Rhino Inside ConsoleApps :

In Rhino Compute, there are two steps to use Rhino Inside as follow.
step 1 : load RhinoCommon.dll
step 2 : call LaunchInProcess in RhinoLibrary.dll

In ConsoleApps, there is only one step as follow.
step 1 : just load RhinoCommon.dll

can you tell me what is the difference between two samples.
and is there a guideline to use Rhino Inside?

one more, can I run a web application using Rhino Inside on .Net core not .Net standard framework?
and how about running above web application on Window Server Core not Normal Window Server?


There really isn’t a difference. Both techniques are essentially doing the same thing and we are trying to figure out the best “standard” approach for launching. My guess is we’ll also eventually create a nuget package that you can add to your project that just does this for you.

I doubt it (haven’t personally tried). When running Rhino.Inside, you are really loading the entire Rhino application into your process and Rhino expects to be working with the traditional full .NET framework installed on Windows desktops.

We haven’t tried this. Feel free to try running the compute.rhino3d project on Windows Server Core and let us know.

Thank you for your reply.
It will be great if Rhino Inside is supported by Nuget package.