How to use rhino.geometry.Mesh.Smooth Method on specific vertices in python

Hi all,
I was trying to use the rhinocommon smooth method in python, and as long as i smoothed the whole mesh this works fine. Ultimately I would like to smooth only specific vertices of the mesh, which should be possible according to the documentation.
However, I’m having some troubles with the indices of the vertices, I keep getting the following error message “Runtime error (ArgumentTypeException): Expected IEnumerable[int], got int”

local (97.3 KB)

Any suggestions on how I can fix this problem?


All you actually need to do is change the Indices input to List access. FYI, your code can be quite a bit simpler. I didn’t test if it is doing what you are hoping for it to do, but it does run successfully now.

local (97.3 KB)