How to tilt isocurve?

Hi to everyone!
I have a problem with the isocurve in a geometry. I can create a planar isocurve but my goal is to tilt its from a point located in 1/3 of height to the base (view the blu line in the attached immage).

Have you some tips?
oh, i’m a beginner.
Thank you!


As I understand you can calculate its angle and project the curve to the brep. (21.2 KB)

I don’t know if it helps but with Rhino tools you can use the Shear command to change the ortientation of a loop of control points:

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Thank you Vikthor, i just tried and it works! I had to adjust it because I didn’t had a x-y orientation but now it’s ok!

Thanks Diego, but I needed a parametric curve to spalm it to other geometries!

Hi friends, i’m here again…
because i can’t see the result of a SIMPLE command like loft :frowning: i have to lofted the base curve to the upper curve, i grafted both because i have a series of this curves. The command loft don’t give me an error but i can’t see the result!
i tried a lot of ways but it doesen’t work… and i can’t find similar thread.

can you help me?

Try to simplify the inputs (toghether with graft) on the merge component.

Or better:
attach your definition with internalized data (if needed).
It’s hard to guess the problem from a picture…

I can think of, try the flip curve component
something like that

yesssssssssss!!! if i flip curve and add the simplify next to the graft it works!!
i have to learn graft, flat, simplify option.

thank you guys so much!!

hi guys, i have a problem with Sweep 1 that doesn’t work. I found some thread here but they don’t solve my problem. I have some tween closed curves (not planar) and I want to sweep a rectangle on them but it doesn’t work. Can you explain me where is the problem?
Thank you.