How to run grasshopper definition with Rhino.Compute without open rhino?

How do I have to prepare the grasshopper definition that it will be able to use with Rhino.Compute? - Especially all the Inputs and Outputs.
How can I run my grasshoper definition with Rhino.Compute?

I’ve read a lot but can no find a (fo me) clear answer.

The goal of the workflow is to import a geometry, manipulate that geometry in the grasshopper definition due to paramters in a json file located on a defined path. Once the geometry has been manipulated, it should automatically export automatically in a defined path. All this without opening rhino or grasshopper.
Thanks a lot for you time and suggestion about best practices

I watched your video AECtech 2022 | Rhino Compute (

Thanks for all the information about hops and grasshopper/rhino in general.

What I do not understand: How can I run my grasshopper definition without opening rhino or grasshopper itself?

With hops i still have to open grasshopper, right?

Thank you very much your time.