How to offset a 3D curve?

Hi, just a short question about offsetting a 3D (non planar) curve. All segments are joined to one open curve.
The offset should equally go to the inside of the curve.

Thanks for your time and help! (2.2 KB)

You can use offset loose:

But, the open endings of the curves are not onto one xy plane. How can I fix that?

You don’t have to connect plane input. It takes plane from whole curve, not from endings.

Yes, but look at your curves that you created with offset loose. The endings should be on one level, you know what I mean?

Like this? (17.2 KB)

can you explain the difference between offset curve and offset curve loose, how does it affect the appearance of the curve?

Offset loose offsets the control points and then reinterpolates the curve. The result will be less accurate but you can always increase the control point count. (For polylines it probably won’t matter much in difference)

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