How to move slider forward or backward one step at a time

There is no “forward” and “backward” buttons on the number slider. So, I’d like to ask if there is a way to move slider forward or backward one step at a time? Just like the keyframes browsing in animation through which you can move forward or backward by frame.

Instead of a slider, use a Series of numbers and List Item to step through them.

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You can use Value List from the Params tab.

Right click it and choose Value sequence or Value Cycle.
Doubleclick it to assign values to it.value

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Thanks, Lars. The value list component is useful.

I create the required list of values using text concatenation as shown below. Althought a bit cumbersome, it can cope with simple situation like looping through hours, days, months or years.

You’re not required to add values on both sides of the equal sign though.
You can simply paste numbers.
Unless you want something like Jan = 1, Feb = 2 etc.


FYI, you can add inputs to Concat, just like List Item, to make it less cumbersome.



Thanks, @Joseph_Oster for the tip. :+1:

I’m using a keyboard shortcut script by @andheum and metahopper or a value list like mentioned above.

The keyboard shortcut only works when Grasshopper is active. (11.5 KB)

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