How to miter pipe ends that meet where two rail curves are joined

Grasshopper’s “Pipe” component only allows me to have “None, Flat or Round” caps where the endpoints of two curves that act as rails meet:

How can I create a miter joint at this point, like the one shown on this picture?

Here’s the GH definition. Concrete shell with steel pipes along its (23.0 KB)

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The rail curves are planar, and both follow parabolic paths that do not lie on the same plane. I want to extend the pipes until their ends meet, preserving the true path of the curves (e.g. I don’t want to join them by adding cylindrical segments that follow straight paths, because kinks would occur and then I would lose the smoothness of the pipes).

Concrete shell with steel pipes along its (21.0 KB)
Like this?

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Thanks for your quick response @HS_Kim!

Indeed, the solution was to use the “Join Curves” component. However, a more simple approach solved the issue. I only needed to insert the “Join Curves” component, the “Surface” parameter or the “Brep Edges” component were not necessary, as shown on the following screenshot.

Thanks a lot for your help! Have a Happy New Year, greetings from the Dominican Republic!