How to merge two face in this issue?

How to merge two face in this issue? I don’t like this Edge how to remove it into single surface?

If the surfaces are indeed tangent at that spot, you can use _MergeSrf with Smooth=No. If they are not tangent at that point however, that will produce a kinked surface.

-hi @Helvetosaur
Thank you for reply, I din’t work i try it. I think my produce is not a kinked surface. I will show u top view

Was there an error message?

The only way to know for sure what’s happening is to post the surface here.

If this is a simple extrusion, you might also look at what’s happening at that spot with the original curves.


-Hi @Helvetosaur
The error message : Can’t merge trimmed edges of surfaces.
then maybe i cam back to check my vector i only extrude it


If the control points of these surfaces on the edge to be joined do not line up, the surfaces cannot merge.

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If it’s a simple curve that you have extruded and you have not trimmed or modified the extruded surface afterwards, that edge should be an untrimmed one… I would still check your input curves first though.

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Hello - if this is not sorted out, can you please post the curves and surfaces here or send to


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thank you so much i’ll try to check it.

Hello, you could try to extract the curves, join them and rebuild them to convert all the curves into a single one.

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