How to match family type and modify its parameters by specifying data?

根据指定族类型批量修改指定参数值.gh (20.9 KB)
钢柱族.rar (633.3 KB)

7-地上结构模型.rvt (13.7 MB)

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If you query the Types by your list you will get matching data to the dimension parameter.

Thank you so much for your advice, it has benefited me a lot! I have another idea. Now I want to filter out the components with the same number in each layer (although their prefix names are different, but the component numbers are the same), and then unify them according to the content extracted from the Excel table Assignment, is there any way to achieve it?

根据指定族类型批量修改指定参数值.gh (16.8 KB)

I think these are doable but will need one specific question at a time (ideally with support files) to be able to help effectively.

How to use python node to filter and extract the family type name with column number content, and output the data?

根据指定族类型批量修改指定参数值 (20.8 KB)

How can I get the family type with the column number content based on the column number in the Excel file?

根据指定族类型批量修改指定参数值 (28.3 KB)

Python questions like this will need to be broken out, where you internalize the input data (no Rhino.Inside.Revit or other plugin Components) and then posted into the Scripting Forum category.