How to make interactive UI in rhino (c# windows forms )

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i have a plugin for rhino and also start with a windowsform
how can i send request to select 3dobject by rhino command at the windows form by pressing button
and how can i get data of my selected object in my windows form ?

The button run the command and the command sends the information to your control.

my friend i’m advance in rhino default programming

i want to run this command in windowsforms

C# need a deligate to call and call back
i want to find way to get this call and callback

If you don’t want general answers, ask specific questions, publish code or something about your case. It’s time to be advanced by asking questions.

Hi @iranikhaze,

See if the SampleCsModalForm.cs sample, in the developer samples repo on GitHub, is helpful.

– Dale