How to make different curves of the equal length

Hello everyone,

I am new to GH. I wanted to make a definition that will allow me to make/draw different shapes of curves of equal length.

I have a draft (.gh) definition, where the curve length of 4 shapes varies from 248 to 101 (approx.).

I would like to build a definition, that will either allow me to generate these shapes from a fixed length (for example 250), or make all the 4 shapes come to an equal and precise number.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.


2021.04.28 - Draft (11.1 KB)

Like this?

2021.04.28 - Draft (18.2 KB)

Hello Peter,

First of all, thank you very much for the definition.

I am sorry, I was not clear enough to communicate my problem earlier.

The attached image of diagrams would help you to better understand the problem.

In the first diagram, the different sets of the closed curve are shown. No. 1 is the largest in length down to No. 4, the shortest.

In the second diagram, the region of the curves are marked where they can not be changed/manipulated. I want these part of the curves unaltered.

In the third diagram, to help imagine what my desired result might be, for example, if the No. 1 and No. 4 becomes of the same length, then curve No. 4 must develop some kind of detail (in this case, the ‘bubbly’ portion).

I hope it clarifies. Looking forward to hear from you.


Maybe this will be an inspiration to how to approach this. I chose to do a half circle since that is an significantly easier calculation. (13.5 KB)

Good luck!

Hello Peter,

Thank you again for the definition.

I have arrived at a tentative solution with Kangaroo and Galapagos. (Not rock solid yet).

I hope you will get the idea from the attached image.

It was a good experience, our brief collaboration.