How to make a model to react on sound in Python?

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a model made with Python. I need this model now to react on sound, for example particles of model to become bigger or smaller depending on sound. Does anybody know how to do it in Python? Or maybe there are other ways? Sound capture for example? Please, explain, how to do it… (10.1 KB) (11.7 KB)

I’d look into .NET audio libraries, such as this one maybe:

There are also audio CPython libraries (such as this one), but they ones I’ve seen are all wrappers/bindings around C++ libraries, which is more likely to not work under IronPython (i.e. the Python in Rhino/GHPython). Where a .NET library will almost always.

Edit: Just remembered that Firefly has an audio input component, this might work for you, or you could figure out which library it uses and implement this yourself in GHPython.

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Thank’s for your answer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any comprehensive information about how to use nAudio in Grashopper. Can you please explain or maybe give a link to explanatory resource?
I know about Firefly plugin and a sound capture but unfortunately don’t know how to plug it to this model. Do you have any ideas?