How to give thicken the Enneper surface in grasshopper

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I am new in grasshopper world. Doing some experiments with surfaces recently. So i came up to know about lunchbox plugin and start playing with its maths components. I am facing issues regarding thickening the surface properly, though i tried extrude surface component but i am not getting correct result.
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Huzefa Malik

Ennerper surface Lunch (7.1 KB)

I fussed with this a little bit but got stumped by the question: What does thickening this surface really mean? It’s easy to thicken an ordinary surface by either scaling it or simply moving it in a direction normal to to itself, and then connecting the resulting surface edges. But those methods don’t work with this one because it intersects with itself if you do that.

We need help from one of the gurus here who knows more about 3D geometry.

As LB does the Enneper surface you are deep into a rabbit hole. The bad news are that R SDK doesn’t provide enough Methods (or extended info) to deal with invalid breps.

See attached (it’s obvious why R fails: spot the seam). (4.9 KB)

See this as well (48.5 KB)

And this that detects a seam (that means issues: most propably an invalid thickend brep): (51.6 KB)

But R is a surface modeller, meaning that this self intersecting result is OK (not allowed in solid modellers):

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