How to get the radii from imagecircles node?

Hi All! Trying to pack some circles on a colored mesh with ImageCircles node in Kangaroo. How can I get the radii as a result for each circle? Or is there a smarter way? Please help.

And what about looking at O output ? Data is sorted like the GoalObject input.
Look at last example here
And it would be better if you post your script

This example includes the use of the output to get the radii:


Oh! Thank you @DanielPiker! It’s so easy indeed! Actually I was confused by the output O from bouncy solver. It’s goal function and I had no Idea how to convert in into radii. But why the simple solver gives out another kind of data? Which one is better using?

@DanielPiker Where did your initial colored mesh of the Rhino come from, or how was it achieved?

I think I just used the standard Import Image component.

If you look at this post I use Import Image in order to have a colored mesh. It is also a way to have information on an image inside grasshopper (size in pixel = size in system unit, color …)

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