How to get object's world coordinate


So, i recently started using Rhino and Python and i’m now hitting a wall.

So here is my problem :

I have to import many models, all different, that are stacking and i need the smallest Z possible at the end with a minimum tolerance between each objects. If i don’t move them from where they are imported in the world coordinate i have no problem but here come the twist. I want to optimize the the Z and to do that i move the object “x” times on the X axis before getting them as close as the minimum tolerance and then i wanted to get the Z of each iteration to see the best position.

It’s working, but not really good because i can’t seem to find a way to return to the original position at the end of the iteration. One thing i wanted to do was to get the lowest point of every object and work with it to move it in the world coordinate but it look like i can’t do that with the imported objects so right now i’m working with vector and the reverse don’t give me exactly the same starting X,Y,Z.

If you have any hint about how to do it, it would be appreciated !

Thank you


It’s difficult to visualise your scenario… could you upload a screenshot / illustration / current script annotated with comments?