How to generate such a structure in Grasshopper?

Can someone please explain to me how a structure like such can be generated (in black/red) in Grasshopper given the ‘ceiling’/‘shell’ structure(in white)? Any help with the topic is much appreciated.

Rhino 7 Subd you could try. It handled the arbitrary structure. This image is a single subd:

Hey Scott!
Thank you for the prompt response.
Do you think there is a method to go about doing this using Grasshopper? This is also because I am running Rhino 6 right now.

Many thanks,

You could try patch with such structure. And try to patch from above.

Generally the problem is NURBS surfaces are fundamentally 4 sided. The move past about subd is the have an arbitrary structure.

Rhino 7 is a free beta download for rhino 6 owners.