How to fix converging isocurve surfaces?

Hi all,

I have a surface generated with the “curves network” command, the isocurves of the surfaces are converging in 2 points, and by work requirement, I need to avoid those cases. So I want to fix it by cutting off the two parts and rebuilding those parts with reference curves, how do I rebuild two surfaces by preserving the shape and the tangency at borders while at the same time avoiding isocurves to converge in one point?
I attach an example image and rhino 6 file.


converging isocurves example.3dm (230.5 KB)

If you split out the piece with the singularity in them, then rebuild that part using NetworkSrf you can make something like this:

When selecting curves for the network-srf command, you can select the edges of the adjoining surfaces, which will allow a tangency or curvature continuous patch to be made.

You can try to make a four-sided surface,Then use MatchSrf command to do the matching,like this

converging isocurves example (1).3dm (312.0 KB)


Thanks a lot to everyone!

Rather than creating patches it’s better to over build then trim to the shape you want. This way you get one clean surface. Patches can be a real pain to make seamless.

Create a new curve that’s offset 20mm or so from your desired shape. Extend whatever cross section curves you’re using to the new offset curve. Create the larger surface from the new curves.

The resulting surface will still have the converging isocurves but by trimming to the desired shape you’ll also be trimming off that convergence area.