How to find the center of a curve at every tangent circle on that curve?


I’m trying to find the center of a curve at every point in that curve!!
Please check the Photo? this is the result that i need.
However i did in it rhino by using “DimRadius” to get the centers
how can i do it in grasshopper at every point on that curve??
Thanks you !

It might just be me, but the link doesn’t work

Fixed it

Could you post your grasshopper definition with the data internalized?

Have you tried the point on curve component?
From what i understand of your question, this might be what you are looking for.
What point on curve does; It takes some curves as input and then reparametrizes the lenght to a domain of 0 to 1. Then through the slider you can find point at any given percentage of the curve.

Example, a curve with a length of 500 units is being input to the point on curve (hereafter POC), if the POC slider is set to 0.1, it will find and output the point at 10% length, meaning 50 units from start-endpoint along the curve path.

Is this what you want, the evolute? (5.5 KB)

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Thanks for trying to answer my question, but this is not what i’m looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:
However, @akilli Answered my question.

This is exactly what i’m looking for, Thank you