How to find a midpoint on multiple curves

I would like to find a midpoint on unconnected multiple curves.
For example, I have two curves as shown; 36.794044 and 50.531984 in length. So the midpoint of these two curves in length when add up will be 43.663014. How do I get this midpoint show on the curve?

I guess you’re looking for CurveMiddle component, you can also use EvaluateLength component.

The component you have suggested will give two midpoints (one for each curve), but what I am looking for is one midpoint of these two curves.

Take the average of both points or weighted average based on curve length?


Hi there,
what about “pointoncurve” for each one then draw a line between those two and then again “pointoncurve”? Just guessing! because there’s only one line between two points so the midle of that line can be the average of the average points!

guess it works.

I found a way to find the point by using “Curve Domain”. However the process is not so smooth ( I have to connect the evaluate curve to the curve that got the midpoint on).
Have anyone got a better solution?

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From what I can see, you are treating the curves as continuous and getting the mid point of that parameter

The curve component takes a list in the order of the curves.

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