How to export all textures to another folder... +


We are troubleshooting a question a user had.

Apparently, when trying to ‘save as’ a 3dm file, the end-user was sure that checking ‘save textures’ will automatically export textures as separate files to a specified folder.

Apparently, this is not the case?

Some workarounds are showing that you can ‘save as’ obj then the textures/references will save as separate files.

What is the official way of exporting all referenced files (textures,images) into a separate file?

Also, what is the shortcut/menu to bring up the list of references in a loaded Rhino 3DM file? this would be helpful to see the full list of referenced files —
The ‘All image files’ window can ‘gather’ all files but How do I bring this window up in an already loaded file?

Hi @Tom_Stur,

The Save Textures option embeds images used by materials, environments and decals into the 3dm.

Does this help?

– Dale

Thanks , however, in this case we want to extract/export all external references, files into a single folder without embedding into the 3dm file.

Hi @Tom_Stur,

Open your 3dm file and then look in in the folder where the file is located. You should see a <FileName>_embedded_files folder.

– Dale

Hi Dale! thanks :slight_smile:
in this case it looks like the 3DM file has already been packaged? imbedded?

The closest thing I found so far is to ‘save as’ then OBJ - I am waiting for confirmation.[
Also, the ‘save textures’ option doesn’t always extract save the textures as a separate file. – basically we want to extract all the ‘textures’ that are referenced in the 3DM files (different parts of the file server) . or at least find the full list of referenced files/textrues/etc.

Hi @Tom_Stur,

Try this:

  1. Save your file. Make sure the Save textures checkbox is checked.
  2. Move the to some other folder
  3. Open the file - look for embedded_files folder in the new location.

Does this help?

– Dale

So I did exactly that.
‘Save As’ , checked ‘Save Textures’ - save, notification came up “you are attempting to embed 94mb…” , clicked Yes.
File doubled in size.
Moved file elsewhere, opened the 3DM file., only the .rhl file gets created and nothing else within the new folder.

it seems this issue is specific to this file , according to the end-user.

Hi Tom - can we get the file? Rhino - Upload to Support, to my attention…

@Tom_Stur - am I correct that the tool you were using for this was provided by Enscape? From your comments in the upload, that is how it looks, in which case, I think you need to pester Enscape and let them pester us if we’ve broken something.
What is the actual command name?


So Enscape shouldn’t be involved in that case?
The end-user just wants to have the ‘embedded_files’ folder generated to extract the referenced files into one folder.
When I test other files, this normally creates this folder as per the steps above Dale mentioned.
Is there anything special (or broken) about the file I have uploaded that the embedded files folder does not generate upon save as textures then resave?

to clarify what needs to be done here. The user wants to “extract all referenced files (texture files) to another folder and link everything in that folder to a newly re-saved (saved as) 3DM file”. - with images NOT embedded into the 3DM file but separated in to it’s own folder. but using the ‘Save textures’ option ,saving , moving the file and resaving doesn’t seem to create the ’ embedded_files ’ folder .

It sounds like they need to use this option, ‘Gather’ on the right of the screenshot? with “Only show missing image files” unchecked.
I can’t seem to find a way of bringing this below window up with Rhino already opened and the file loaded – the user said this doesn’t show up upon startup.

Hi Tom yes, I see - RenderReportImageFiles > Gather does that.

@Tom_Stur the file you sent us has a lot of missing bitmaps - if you cann open that file from a location that finds them all, and use the Gather tool in RenderReportImageFiles - it should do what I beileve you are asking.


There was a second file, double the size with the embedded files (in a single 3DM file) I re-sent - size was about 185mb.

Hi Tom - I do see that file, thanks, and here RenderReportImageFiles > Gather did spit the image files into a folder and remap the textures in Rhino to the new location. Have you tried running that command explicitly from the command line? (I found it easier, with the UI Windows gives us to pick the folder in this process, if the folder is made ahead of time)