How to "elegantly" match BrepFace normal with surface face direction?

So Curve.OffsetNormalToSurface() is offsetting consistently to one side and not following random surface U,Vs?

Hi @Asterisk,

Curve.OffsetNormalToSurface works with surfaces. If you pass it a Brep face, it will just evaluate the face’s underlying surface.

– Dale

offset = edge.OffsetNormalToSurface(brepface, -off) # note negative offset to offset opposite of normal

Where brepface is:


After flipping U and V:

Same results if I do

offset = edge.OffsetNormalToSurface(face.ToNurbsSurface(), -off)

Is it a bug? I need U,Vs to not matter. Or “fix” 'em to match surface face orientation with a couple of code lines if possible. @dale