How to do a complicated 3d rotation/orientation

Hi all, I have some complex shapes and need to do a 3d rotation, but not relative to a single plane. I need to rotate around a point, working in 3 dimensions. I need to select an object, specify an origin point of the rotation, the second point I specify identifies the reference axis of the existing orientation, and the 3rd point specified specifies a 2nd point on the axis of the target orientation.

Or is there even a way to include orientation and use 5 points of reference: 1st is the origin of the rotation, 2nd point identifies the original reference axis, 3rd point is used in correlation with the 1st and 2nd to identify the original reference plane, 4th (with the 1st) identifies the target axis, and the 5th identifies the target plane (like the 3rd does with the 1st and 2nd)?

Is there a way to do this or am I asking for an entirely new command? TIA for any info that can be provided.

Is this what you are looking for?

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Perfect. Thank you so much.

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