How to detect an update/change of a number?

Hmm, as far as I recall it should. Perhaps you could upload a file and @DanielPiker might help troubleshoot it.

Edit: It should work:

If I recall correctly, when I updated the rigid body component to take meshes, I left the old version of the component in, but hidden, so old files would still open.

This means though that if you want to take an old example file and modify it to use meshes, you might need to just delete the rigid body component in the canvas and drag in a new one from the toolbar.

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end of the process


any solution for that?

Found this very helpful for my project, thank you!

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Hi @AndersDeleuran
I did the same thing you advised here, but I’m trying to make a python component that only output the value if it’s changed. I did the following but you can see from the 15 ms color that the pipe component is still running even the value wasn’t changed. The idea is to freeze the value without updating it to avoid running a script after which might take 10 secs for each loop.

GHissue (10.8 KB)

Actually. all of this to achieve auto reading from a Gsheet and link the values with another huge script that will crash my GH if it’s running all the time. (14.3 KB)

I’m not really sure what the script is supposed to be doing. But I can see that there are three GHPython components, all with persistent variables, and one with a timer. This is likely needlessly complex and would be better managed with one component. If you’re looking to stop iterating once a certain condition has been met, you can do something like this:

And if the condition to check occurs downstream from GHPython component doing the iteration, you can use the sticky to pass this information upstream.